vert.x and MongoDB – The quick intro

Finally I got some small amount of time to give it a try to MongoDB module for vert.x.

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Maven base project for vert.x

vert.x is a, and as they say it, an “Effortless asynchronous application development for the modern web and enterprise”. In other words, it allows one to quickly put together modern web apps.

Basically, if you are familiar with Node.js, then you’ll love Vert.X! If you are not familiar, then you’ll start loving it to.

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Clean & Clear code is important!

Spaghetti Code Hurtz!

How often do you find yourself cruising to code that is not properly formatted? Or that imports unnecessary packages?

I must say that I find it quite often and, as annoying as it can be it is also quite easy to enforce under Eclipse.

To have Eclipse automatically clean your source code after every save, simple enable it in:

Windows and Linux: Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Editor -> Save Actions

OS X: Eclipse (or app name if using STS, JBoss Dev Studio, etc) -> Preferences -> Java -> Editor -> Save Actions

Eclipse Save Actions

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Using Atmosphere in JBoss AS 7 to push data to your HTML web page

Atmosphere is an asynchronous WebSocket/Comet framework for J2EE based Application Servers. In short, Atmosphere allows to push data to the web browser on near-real time fashion. For example, you could use such tool do develop a web based chat application or a stock market application that receives the new quotes as soon as they become available.


Unless WebSockets are used (a different protocol than HTTP), Atmosphere will work by having the server side intercepting the web call and keep the connection open. Like this, the client will be the one responsible for shutting the connection down and, by leaving this connection open, the server can now push data through that connection.

In addition, Atmosphere framework also provides:
1. A JQuery Plugin that, if used, highly simplifies the development of the client side.
2. A replacement for JAX-RS – not used in example because JBoss provides RESTEasy (note that RESTEasy can be substituted in favor of Atmosphere REST services if desired)

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How to cross-compile Xuggle-Xuggler for Windows 7 64 or 32 bit

Compile Xuggle-Xuggler on Ubuntu 11.10 64 or 32 on VirtualBox VM running over Windows 7 64 or 32 bit.

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How to compile Xuggle-Xuggler in Windows 7 (32bit)

News: March 16 2012 – Great news folks… Xuggle Xuggler can now be compiled for win 64 through cross-compilation. Please check my new post here.

Note: This is still some work in progress since I’m using latest MinGW with gcc 4.6.1. Any help would be appreciated! After this I’ll try to build it in 64 bits.

Xuggle has some nice instructions on how to build the library. Still, Paul Gregoire has an even better and highly detailed guide on how to compile Xuggle on Windows (at the time, it was XP). Unfortunately that did not work on my Windows 7 system.

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Interception and resubmition of Win32 API keyboard events

Say you want to intercept the keyboard input events of an application and send the pressed key codes through the network and raise them on the application receiving them.

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