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vert.x Web App Tutorial in Java

The Vert.X Tutorial includes examples for several different languages except Java. I’ve done a quick implementation using Java of the vToon tutorial found here. The source code is available on github. Advertisements

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vert.x Event Bus – The quick intro

The vert.x framework includes a very neat way of doing remote messaging. This mechanism has the name of Event Bus. Through it messages can be sent within a single verticle instance, between different instances of the same verticle and between … Continue reading

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Create your own github Maven repository

Maven works with repositories and, when using github to share projects, it does make sense to have a single place to share dependencies that are not yet available in a public place. Recently I’ve been exploring the beauties of Vert.X … Continue reading

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vert.x and MongoDB – The quick intro

Finally I got some small amount of time to give it a try to MongoDB module for vert.x.

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Maven base project for vert.x

vert.x is a, and as they say it, an “Effortless asynchronous application development for the modern web and enterprise”. In other words, it allows one to quickly put together modern web apps. Basically, if you are familiar with Node.js, then … Continue reading

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