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Scala and Play 2 in Haiku!

Just got Scala and Play Framework 2 working on Haiku!

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Using Atmosphere in JBoss AS 7 to push data to your HTML web page

Atmosphere is an asynchronous WebSocket/Comet framework for J2EE based Application Servers. In short, Atmosphere allows to push data to the web browser on near-real time fashion. For example, you could use such tool do develop a web based chat application … Continue reading

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How to cross-compile Xuggle-Xuggler for Windows 7 64 or 32 bit

Compile Xuggle-Xuggler on Ubuntu 11.10 64 or 32 on VirtualBox VM running over Windows 7 64 or 32 bit.

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How to compile Xuggle-Xuggler in Windows 7 (32bit)

News: March 16 2012 – Great news folks… Xuggle Xuggler can now be compiled for win 64 through cross-compilation. Please check my new post here. Note: This is still some work in progress since I’m using latest MinGW with gcc … Continue reading

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Interception and resubmition of Win32 API keyboard events

Say you want to intercept the keyboard input events of an application and send the pressed key codes through the network and raise them on the application receiving them.

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Enabling OpenGL Hardware Acceleration on VirtualBox

After seeing the great work that Alexander Larsson is currently working on I said to myself… I need to check this out! He is basically using HTML5 Canvas and HTML5 Web Sockets to create a web like VNC or Remote … Continue reading

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Creating a wizard like pop-up using Flex 4 states

States are a great concept that can really help your development process. You can apply states to all kinds of application tasks but in my example we’ll see how easy and beneficial it is to create Input Wizards. In this … Continue reading

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