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Can’t do what?

Ho boy! I’ve just come across this issue while working on a new Java JSon library. One of my tests cases failed on something that I was not expecting it to. Basically, it happens that one can inject all sorts … Continue reading

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Fronting Application Servers with Apache HTTPd (Reverse-Proxying)

When you develop a web application in Tomcat, JBoss, Spring, Play Framework, or any other AS, it is always a good idea to protect the actual application server (or servers) with a fronting server that will simply act as a … Continue reading

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Uploading files using Flex and J2EE Application Server (JBoss)

Quite often we need to upload some contents into a web server application. The standard way of doing this is by making use of the HTML Form Upload. Flex applications bridge with the browser and allow us to make use … Continue reading

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Deploying a WAR as a JBoss AS 7 OSGi WAB?

A J2EE container is able to load and deploy Web Archives (WAR). A WAR is presented to a container in either a compressed zip file or a directory where your web application or services reside. In the new OSGi world, … Continue reading

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HTML5, CSS3, WebServlet 3.0, CDI and JBossAS 7

Still reading? Good, many will simply run away after passing their eyes through so many acronyms. Anyway, what is all this stuff that I’m talking about? If you ever heard of Web 2.0, then you’ll most probably know what I’m … Continue reading

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Red5 and Xuggler in JBoss AS7

JBoss AS 7 is an amazing fast OSGi & J2EE compliant Application Server. Red5 is a great Spring Framework based Media Server. Xuggler is a great real-time media stream modifier tool. Until very recently, putting these two different beasts working … Continue reading

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