Maven base project for vert.x

vert.x is a, and as they say it, an “Effortless asynchronous application development for the modern web and enterprise”. In other words, it allows one to quickly put together modern web apps.

Basically, if you are familiar with Node.js, then you’ll love Vert.X! If you are not familiar, then you’ll start loving it to.

The key feature is it’s simplicity but vert.x comes armed with other features such as:

– Support for Java (core language), JavaScript, Ruby and Groovy
– Messaging
– Concurrency
– Distributed event bus
– HTML5 WebSockets
– SockJS (similar implementation to but not the same as HTML5 WebSockets)
– Embeddable within other java applications
And much more…

In order to easily start new vert.x Java based projects I’ve put together an Apache Maven 2 sample project that includes the following features:

- Creates application jar file

- Downloads vert.x dependencies:
. public dependencies will be retrieved from maven servers
. vert.x dependencies are available on an in project maven repository. As of this post, vert.x jars were not yet available on any known maven repository.

- Integrate with Eclipse (assuming that Maven 2 Eclipse plugin is installed)

- Provides vert.x run and debug lauchers

- Includes vert.x mods

- Includes all languages dependencies

You can download the m2vert-x template project from github.

Let me know if you’ve been conVert-Xed to it! 🙂

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