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How to compile Xuggle-Xuggler in Windows 7 (32bit)

News: March 16 2012 – Great news folks… Xuggle Xuggler can now be compiled for win 64 through cross-compilation. Please check my new post here. Note: This is still some work in progress since I’m using latest MinGW with gcc … Continue reading

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Interception and resubmition of Win32 API keyboard events

Say you want to intercept the keyboard input events of an application and send the pressed key codes through the network and raise them on the application receiving them.

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Testing live video streaming to WebGL and HTML5 Video tag

I simply wanted to check how reliable it is to use HTML5 Video tag to receive live streams. The main issue with live or real-time streams is that you want them to be as close to real-time as possible. Such … Continue reading

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