Enabling OpenGL Hardware Acceleration on VirtualBox

After seeing the great work that Alexander Larsson is currently working on I said to myself… I need to check this out! He is basically using HTML5 Canvas and HTML5 Web Sockets to create a web like VNC or Remote Destop web experience for GTK+ based applications (used in Gnome 3 Window Manager) I decided to go ahead and play with it to.

Here’s a small video of his work…

Pretty cool!

In order to experience it I decided to go ahead and install Fedora 15 which comes with Gnome 3 by default. The easiest way to experience it is to install it on a Virtual Machine. I decided to go with VirtualBox because it supports OpenGL hardware acceleration.

So, what you need is:

1. Download Fedora 15 iso image from here

2. Install VirtualBox (I used 4.1.2)

3. Once installed, start the VirtualBox application and create a new VM for Fedora 15:
– Ensure that the your display device options have 3D acceleration enabled
– Install the development mode version since you’ll need GCC to compile some VirtualBox options

4. Once installed, and with the VM running, log into it and as a super user do a system update:
– yum update

5. Once the system has been updated to it’s latest instance then install the kernel headers and the dynamic modules compiler tool:
– yum install kernel-headers
– yum install dkms

6. Reboot your system (make sure you’ve unmounted the installation CD from the VM CD Rom Device)

7. Download Virtual Box Guest Additions from here (I used 4.1.2)

8. Mount the iso using the VM CD Rom Device

9. Accept the autorun option and the system will automatically install the Virtual Box additions that include the necessary graphical drivers for the VM to be able to bridge hardware acceleration

10. Restart your system and voila, Gnome 3 is up and running


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