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HTTPS in JBoss 6/Tomcat 6

Security is an important part of any application and, in an environment such as the Internet, web applications are specially vulnerable to attacks from outsiders or insiders to the networks in which the system is deployed. Authentication is a first … Continue reading

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Create a menu like pop-up for your Flex Application

Sometimes there’s the need to create a menu like pop-up from a navigation response. For example, if you are using a Link Bar component then, sometimes it might be nice to have a pop-up come up to show some notification … Continue reading

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Deploying a WAR as a JBoss AS 7 OSGi WAB?

A J2EE container is able to load and deploy Web Archives (WAR). A WAR is presented to a container in either a compressed zip file or a directory where your web application or services reside. In the new OSGi world, … Continue reading

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HTML5, CSS3, WebServlet 3.0, CDI and JBossAS 7

Still reading? Good, many will simply run away after passing their eyes through so many acronyms. Anyway, what is all this stuff that I’m talking about? If you ever heard of Web 2.0, then you’ll most probably know what I’m … Continue reading

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