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Looking for Flash Builder 4.5 Plug-in?

I was looking for the Flash Builder plug-in for Eclipse and I could not find anything on the Adobe site. So I downloaded the normal Flash Builder 4.5 and after browsing through the Flash Builder installed files it happens that … Continue reading

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mx:Tile and s:TileGroup issues with width property

Recently I came to need an mx:Tile like layout component to simply add some check-boxes. These check-boxes should be able to to be added or removed depending on user needs. While implementing it I found out that there was some … Continue reading

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Simple Notes Application with Flex/Flash Builder 4.5 & 4.6

New: Added sample code project already converted for Flash Builder 4.6 – Yes, I did this in 4.5 Burrito but I still don’t have 4.5 final. 😦 The changes between versions for this simple application are minor. Get the source … Continue reading

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