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Faster layouts in Flex 4

The new Spark component layouts introduced in Flex 4 use object virtualization in order to minimize object instantiation. You’ll be amazed on how much faster your application will be by just making use of the new Spark layouts. In Flex … Continue reading

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Integrating BlazeDS with JBoss

BlazeDS is, quite probably, one of the most efficient ways to glue your RIA interface to a J2EE based application server for data and messaging access. BlazeDS allows one to use the power of Adobe’s AMF binary data transfer format … Continue reading

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Passing data between ViewNavigators in Flash Builder 4.5 Burrito

FB 4.5 Burrito is an awesome tool that is still on the works. While playing with it I noticed that passing data between sub-views was a pretty straight forward implementation. Passing data between application root views was another issue. Handling … Continue reading

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